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Fleur de Lis Catering

The Event Loft wants to be chosen by those that appreciate art and design, love great food and drinks, enjoy dancing and are moved by music. The Event Loft's clientele consists of individuals that applaud hard work, can visualize the beauty of simplicity, are open-minded, know the worth of originality, respect charitable causes and support dreams.The founder of The Event Loft want to give back in a way that includes everyone they come in contact with. The Event Loft is dedicated now more than ever to satisfying its clients who share the same viewpoints on life:

To fully bloom where you are planted
To focus on what you can do rather than what you cannot
Share a loaf when full from one slice
Don't wait for the storm to pass but instead dance in the rain
Stop to smell the flowers
Appreciate the arts without prejudice or judgment
Admit that love conquers all
Try new things and stay open-minded
Never give up on dreams
Know everything always happens for a reason
Don't waste good energy on bad
Listen to three sides of a story
Experience life through your own eyes

The Event Loft is not a business that segregates, discriminates or isolates. The Event Loft does not have a religious affiliation or a culture it favors. It is indivisible. The Event Loft is not open to the public and is by appointment only. Due to The Event Loft's realization that there are only so many months in a year and hours in a day, The Event Loft will only work with those that appreciate and respect its vision. This is to protect our business for the good of all those it supports. The Event Loft may determine who their new clients are by viewing reviews that individuals may have posted on the internet. The Event Loft believes that negativity and defamation destroy businesses that help support communities and families that work hard for a living. The Event Loft believes in lifting up others when they fall and to give and take criticism and feedback for overall betterment and improvement. The Event Loft would like to receive all feedback privately so others may form their own opinion without prejudice. The Event Loft values each individual client experience. The Event Loft is human owned and operated and would like to remind others that no one is perfect but that as a company we always strive for perfection. The Event Loft exercises its right to refuse service. The Event Loft supports community and independence, schools and education, the environment and the animals we love, children and elders, our staff and their families behind the scenes, our friends and clientele, and those less fortunate than ourselves in need of a helping hand.

Fleur de Lis Catering
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